Music and emotion

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Music and emotion Empty Music and emotion

Post by Bikass on Tue Jul 30, 2013 4:13 am

Many scientific disciplines deal with the topic of music and emotion, including philosophy, musicology and psychology. The perspective presented here is mainly a psychological one, yet some theoretical and philosophical considerations will be made to clarify prevailing concepts about music and emotions and how they can be connected.
Claiming that music is expressive of emotions and that it can elicit emotions in the listener does not seem highly disputable at first glance. However, this claim gives rise to a number of questions.
1.How can a piece of music (when we consider purely instrumental music without any vocals, text or title) appear emotional, as a piece of music is no psychological agent?
2.Why would we respond emotionally to music knowing that there is nobody undergoing the emotion expressed?
3.What are psychological mechanisms that lead to the emotional reaction in the listener?
4.What is the nature of these emotions?

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