Spotfeed Rules
The following is an outline of the rules you must abide by as a member of Spotfeed. Non-compliance to said rules may result in a verbal warning. If you continue to break said rule, you will be issued an official warning. 4 (four) accumulated official warnings will result in the loss of right to your account.

Behavior on the Forum
  1. You shall not disrespect the staff in any way.
  2. You shall not disrespect any other user in any way.
  3. You shall not mindlessly argue or "flame" with another user(s) of the forum. Any disciplinary disagreement must be reported to the staff immediately.
  4. You shall not post any profane, disrespectful, or otherwise inappropriate content or images.
  5. You shall not post any links to trap websites.
  6. You shall not attempt or threaten to "hack" another user of the forum. Doing so will result in immediate account termination and a report to Officials.
Language on the Forum
  1. Use of SMS Language (c u l8r; "See you later") is prohibited
  2. Use of "Lolcat" Language (i are hapy; "I am happy") is prohibited.
  3. Continual use of explicit language may result in a warning.
Avatar and Signatures
  1. Your avatar size must not exceed 150x200px in size.
  2. Your avatar may not depict profane or disrespectful images.
  3. Your signature's total dimensions must not exceed 250px in height or 800px in width.
  4. Pictures in you signature must not depict profane or disrespectful images. Language and Behavior rules apply to any other content in your signature.
    All language and behavior rules apply to the chatbox. However, the language rules are less enforced.
Copyright Information
    You may not take any graphics, codes, or otherwise content from Spotfeed. Any person found copying will be reported to Officials and will result in immediate account termination. Spotfeed is 100% protected by Copyscape.
    Protected by Copyscape Online Copyright Search

In order to keep things under control, it is required that we enforce the rules. This also means that all rules are subject to change. It is key to know that your cooperation is key to the success of the forum.
SF Staff
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