Interview Guidelines

Welcome to the Interview Section, a relatively rare and unique service which we provide for free. You may request up to 20 questions for no charge or but up to 10 additional questions for 2 Feed Cash per question. A Journalist will create unique questions about your forum or other type of website. The only thing we ask in return is that you answer each question to your best ability. However, we do have a few rules:

-If you request an interview and do not answer any questions, you may receive a fine ranging from 10 to 50 Feed Cash. (NOTE: if you provide a valid reason as to why you did not answer you will be pardoned)

-If you intentionally “bash” or “flame” somebody’s answers or questions you will receive a warning.

-All websites must have at least 10 members and 25 posts to be considered for an interview, otherwise it will be denied.

-Unless you are complimenting an answer or question, please do not post.

Warnings and fines are issued at Journalists discretion, any questions or concerns? PM an Administrator!

We hope you enjoy this service as much as we do!

To Request an Interview, post a thread with the following information:
  • Forum/website Link:
  • I will answer all questions to my best ability: Yes / No
  • Name of Interviewer to interview (optional):
  • How many questions would you like?
  • Extra Comments:
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